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Asian Personal Recruitment

personal asia

Recruiment Personal from Asia Services

Babysitter Recruiment

Personal hotels and SPA

Housekeeper Recruiment

Qualified workers for constructions

Recruiment Personal from Asia

personal hotel asiapersonal SPA asia
Obtaining the documents

Obtaining of all documents to legalize your candidate.


We provide training sessions for personnel before placing them.


We provide mediation between employer and employee.


We offer the following Asian recruitment and placement services in Romania

personal asia hotel
Recruitment of personnel for hotels
personal asia spa
Recruitment of personnel for SPA centres
personal asia menajera
Housekeeper recruitment
personal asia bona
Baby-sitter recruitment
personal asia industria textila
Textile industry personnel
personal asia constructii
Constructions workers
personal ingrijire batrani
Personal care
personal restaurante
Personnel for restaurants
personal gradinarit
Personnel for gardening

Do you want to develop your business but you can’t find the necessary personnel?

We provide you with the optimal solution – trained Asian personnel. Countries such as Canada and Israel have chosen this option for the advantages of hiring these persons in their firms or residences, so choose yourself to have a loyal, dedicated and well trained personnel.

Personal Asia Company will help you. Contact us so that we may present you all the recruitment details of your future.

For any question related to our recruitment services of Asian personnel, please contact us.

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